Women are all over struggling with challenges with maintaining a healthy weight and metabolism. With Ayurveda, it is easy to set your metabolism in the right way, so no one has to struggle with weight. Ayurveda contributes to helping one lifestyle, mindset, nutrition, and principles of eating, which can accelerate our metabolism, sore up our energies, help us age gracefully, and make us feel confident.

Is there something more one can ask for?

In this new series of Monday Health Booster, you will know all the keys for a once and for all weight loss.

Let start today with the first pillar. The most common mistake people are making when on a weight loss journey:


The sweet is made of earth and water, so it lowers your appetite and keeps you full for long hours when you eat sweets. But, unfortunately, when avoiding sweets, we tend to compensate with something even worse for weight loss and present everywhere in today’s society, SALT.

You don’t even realize you are eating salt as it is present everywhere. For example, in the sauce you buy, like soya, seasonal
sauce, green chilli or tomato sauce, packed soups, ready-made snacks and food. All of this has a lot of hidden salt.

Here is a little story from my experience. When I was in Europe, I was eating a healthy diet, but I was gaining weight. So I started to look at things and try to understand why I was gaining weight, and started looking at those vegan spreads I was eating made of tomatoes and paprika that I thought were healthy, but when I looked at the ingredients, it was tones of salt inside. So then I understood why I was gaining weight.

So if you also you are trying to lose weight and you think you have a healthy diet, then look at the level of salt in your body because salt is not satisfying you it makes you more hungry a the difference with sweets, that make you feel satisfied.

So my first tip for weight loss would be to cut down on the salt in your diet. With this, you stop accumulating water in your body, and your metabolism is accelerated.

Now here is my secret antidote if one day you plan to go to a restaurant (Chinese, Italian…) which contains lots of hidden salt:

In the morning, take 30/40 gr of celery, juice it and drink it (if you don’t like the taste of this, add an apple and a piece of ginger inside). + make sure to drink a lot of water after eating salty food so that you can cleanse the salt from your body.

So here was my first tip for this week, don’t run away from sweets, be mindful when eating sweets, eat it slowly and prefer natural sweets like jaggery, dates, figures. Warm them up a little. They are great sweets. Run away from artificial sweets and take care of the salt level in your body.

See you next week for the next episode of this series and more advice on successfully losing weight.

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