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Why do we repeat mistakes in life


Learn the four steps from Ayurvedic Consultancy to feel better


How to develop resilience with the power of Ayurvedic psychology


Ayurveda vs. Ayurvedic Consultancy


Information and special offer on my signature course Ayurvedic Consultancy level 1

Hello, I am



In 2003, I received an incorrect diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. My fingers became crooked, and I suffered greatly from pain and a lack of vitality. Conventional medicine informed me that this condition would be permanent. Fortunately, it turned out to be just a streptococcal infection.

This incident led me back to Ayurveda, and I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t be an Ayurvedic doctor who merely prescribed herbal medicine. I wanted to assist people in healing holistically and developed a particular interest in the psychological aspects of well-being. Over the years, this became a solid foundation for my work.

As an Ayurvedic doctor with over 21 years of experience, I have conducted thousands of one-on-one consultations and undertaken 42 international projects in Europe and the US. I actively practice in my clinic in India and have been featured on major affiliate channels in the US for my contributions in helping holistic practitioners learn Ayurvedic Consultancy. These experiences made me realize that Ayurveda needs to be taught in a completely different way when introduced to the Western world.

With the increasing popularity of holistic practices in the West, I discovered that integrating Ayurvedic Consultancy into the practices of holistic and medical practitioners significantly enhances their ability to improve their clients’ health in an advanced and effective manner. This realization led me to train Ayurvedic Consultants, specifically catering to individuals living in the modern Western lifestyle.

Today, professionals trained in my signature technique are working as consultants in over 44 countries. As the president of the Association and an honorary member of the Polish Association Prana, I am actively spreading Ayurvedic knowledge. I have also co-founded Shivani Ayurveda Poland, dedicated to teaching Ayurveda to the Polish society while understanding their unique needs.


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