My Ayurveda is a 10 weeks comprehensive online program that helps you to be healthy, confident and successful as well as to understand how to use Ayurveda in the modern times for practical Ayurvedic skills to help your health and mindset curating a way to help others do the same

A guide to change the way you think, take care of your body building improving your relationship, communication skills and deepening self understanding

This course will help you to start your journey as an Ayurvedic Basic Consultant using my structure based on my International work of understanding people’s struggle in handling their health and western life pressure.

Ayurvedic Consultancy helps you to understand how to communicate Ayurveda with an easy language and structure, integrating the science of Doshas and body reading tools and Ayurvedic Psychology for your clients who live in a western lifestyle

The manual of My Ayurveda

won’t give you fragmented advices.

You are struggling with your health at various levels affecting your health and energy
You love Ayurveda but do not know how to use it in a sequential way and are trying to learn Ayurveda from books and short courses
You are missing proper guidance and structure to understand Ayurveda because of its complexity of language and multiple interpretations.
You feel internal pressure and stress in life but from outside everything looks good
You have lost your inner joy and the happy person you used to be and everything just looks like a routine
You judge, pressurize and expect too much from yourself but are unable to accomplish it
You know there is a connexion between diseases and emotions, but you don’t understand how it works
You have invested a lot of money and time trying holistic courses but still your life is not where you would want
You want to work with your family members to improve their health and confidence but you don’t know how to implement this huge science

Everyone deserves to feel healthy, confident and successful

The ACOC-1 course is not another option to introduce you to the Ayurveda topic. It actually gives you a structure of working with Ayurveda for your health, mindset and relationships and your first step towards being an Ayurveda Consultant . Ayurveda is a timeless system of healing that can be perfectly applicable in current times. The course emphasizes how to communicate Ayurveda to modern society – especially those living in the busy west, so they can understand it and implement it in their dayly life. Ayurveda connects all the aspects of physical and emotional well-being that is especially needed in a busy western world. With my help and proper guidance, I will show you how it can be done and this course will save you time and be the game changer of your life

Who is this My Ayurveda Consultant Course for?

Anybody who wants to dive deeper into Ayurveda to transform their own health and wellbeing and/or support their family and friends
For people who are struggling with stress, relationship issues, anxiety, depression and emotional management
For people who feel internal pressure push and pressurize to accomplish things and it affects their health
For the ones who struggle with their eating disorders, metabolism, thyroid issues and with gut disorders
Yoga teachers, dietitians, doctors, life coaches, psychologists, therapists (also massage therapists) who would like to learn how to use Ayurveda for their clients
Chefs and Cooks as well as anybody who would like to run workshops, events and retreats and deepen their knowledge about Ayurveda
Whether you just want to know more about Ayurveda so you can improve your own physical and emotional health, or you would like to use My Ayurveda ( former Ayurvedic Consultant Course) as your first step on the path to this your career as an Ayurvedic Consultant , this is the perfect place to start with learning Ayurveda in a professional, practical and strategic way !

When you sign up for My Ayurveda course you will

Learn body symptoms and how to deal with health problems through Ayurveda consultancy
Get a structure to know exactly what to do in different situations of your life
Learn about Ayurvedic Nutrition , detoxification and body diagnostic skills
Have tools and knowledge about the psychological aspects of health problems and how to improve them.
Learn communication skills to do express yourself better and communicate with people who are different than you
Understand how to communicate Ayurveda to modern society (especially those living in the West)
Become more confident and clear about yourself and your purpose in life.
Get practical knowledge with the science of Dosha and the use of Ayurvedic psychology
Learn from the source – Indian Ayurvedic Doctor with 21 + years of international experience and learn the structure of how to use Ayurveda for health and self development

Hello, I am



In 2003 I was wrongly diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My fingers were crooked, I suffered a lot from the pain and a lack of vitality. Conventional medicine told me, I will stay that way forever. Luckily it turned out, it was just a streptococcal infection. That incident made me come back to Ayurveda. I promised to myself I will not be an Ayurvedic doctor who only prescribes herbal medicine. I wanted to help people heal holistically, and I especially became interested in the psychological aspects of human well being. In later years it became a strong foundation of my work. I am an Ayurvedic doctor with 21+ years of work experience. I had thousands of 1:1 consultations, 45 international projects in Europe, Canada and the US in which I conducted workshops and did consultations, and I am actively working in my clinic in India. I was also featured on the major affiliate channels in the US for helping holistic practitioners to learn Ayurvedic Consultancy. All of that made me realize that Ayurveda needs to be taught totally differently when brought to the Western world. With the growing popularity of holistic practices in the west, I found that integrating Ayurvedic Consultancy in your life can improve your health in a much more advanced and effective manner. That’s how I started to train Ayurvedic Consultants to help people who live in the modern western lifestyle. Most of the people who started this course did it because they didn’t feel well with their body and wanted a complete manual on how to help themselves. And later many also choose to continue their journey to study to the next level of professional consultancy Today, trained and working consultants in over 44 countries are working with my signature technique. I am spreading Ayurvedic knowledge as the president of the Association and honorary member of the Polish Association Prana. I have co-founded Shivani Ayurveda Poland which also works towards teaching and working with Ayurveda for the health and development of the Polish society

And the truth is – it is difficult to use Ayurveda by reading books as it is confusing and huge and to save your time I am happy to offer you my signature technique.

Its effective, to the point, scientific and safe to use with a proper structure, based on giving effective advice of Ayurveda integrating psychological aspects and taking the responsibility for your words


See what my students say about Ayurveda Consultant Course (ACOA-1)

“This course has helped me to learn and understand the connections of our body and mind & how to read various signals it sends. ACOC-1 helped me heal my diseases and improve connection with food. It empowered me to help my friends & family as well.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life & feel more joyful”.

Barbara Patarewicz

ACOC-1 Course 6th Edition

“The best part of the entire course is the role played by Dr Shivani! At each step of the course, she won’t judge or push you. She rather guides you and motivates in you and participate with you all along the course, so you don’t feel lost.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become their own doctor and take charge in their own hands”.

Anna Patrycja

ACOC-1 Course 6th Edition

“ACOC-1 gave me a profound knowledge about my body and mind and what exactly I can do to help myself.

I highly recommend it to everyone! 
The most influential part was one on one strategy session with Dr Shivani as it truly put me on my map of health goals“.

Kinga Krawczyk

ACOC-1 Course 7th Edition

“ACOC-1 helped me to become aware of how my body feels and taught me how to connect my emotions with physical changes or challenges I experience.

It allowed me to dive deep into Ayurveda and fix the connection with food so know what’s best to consume in certain situations”.

Gabrielle Gambina

ACOC-1 Course 7th Edition



Join Ayurveda Consultant Course  Level 1


Get knowledge and tools to learn Ayurveda to help your health


Understand yourself and your needs better


Do less to get better results under my guidance


The course is structured in a way to help you take care of all the aspects of health – mind, body & soul. Ayurveda will deeply integrate with your life, making your health better and your mind calmer. Then you can help others do the same.

10 weeks duration

You will need around 60-90 min per day to study. It ends with an exam for certification ($80 fee)


Dedicated space where you’ll find all workbooks, lessons & exercises. Access for 12 months

150 minutes coaching

Total of 150 min coaching for each participant. It will be a recorder so you can review it later

31 videos

With over 7-hours of video lectures and approx. 200 pages PDFs with Ayurvedic content

Weekly Live Classes

To clarify and answer your questions. Every Friday 11:30 AM IST. Weekly live classes will be recorded as well.

4 lessons per week

Fun and easy to follow with homework after every lesson to reinforce your learning


Clear cut structure of diagnostic with practical solutions, based on my years of international practice


Private WhatsApp group of like-minded people and my guidance as you go through the modules


Access to the video recipes for cooking and detoxification
Access to the video Everyday mental balancing techniques / meditation recording for everyday Dosha
Masterclass on how to manage stress
Masterclass on How to develop meaningful relationships

Additional Q and A Class before exam


Recorded Q AND A for the MASTERCLASS


150 minutes of personalised Coaching

Enroll to be a member of the Shivani Ayurveda Professional Consultant Association to have further support to develop your consultancy practice and Ayurvedic skills


Start your next year with vibes of knowledge, confidence and health with Ayurvedic Consultancy course. Sign up for the waiting list to be the first one for the offer.

Please remember that the course is limited to 10 people. Enroll now for the waiting list to be sure to attend the course.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the course within 3 days I will give you money back.
No questions asked!


Can I do it if I know nothing about Ayurveda?
Yes, the course is created so that anyone beginner or intermediate level can do it. It’s not a course which is about Ayurveda only but it’s about Ayurvedic Consultancy, the art of how to practically use Ayurveda not only for health but for relationship confidence and success.
Is it just an online recorded passive course?
No, it has 1 to 1 private coaching for each participant and a weekly group call to understand the main topics of the week besides an online recorded platform. It also includes in this edition a video library and personalised meditation guide for each participant
What topics will be covered by the course?
Physical aspects, Dosha science, How to read our body, Nutrition and menu plans, Art of detoxification at home and Ayurvedic Psychology. Read the detailed syllabus in the page
What if I miss the weekly calls?
All online classes are recorded and put on the platform for rewatching
What if my English is not perfect?
The course is not to assess English skills but Ayurveda skills, as long as you can read, speak and write English you are fine to attend the course
Will my health and mind be better with this course?
Yes, due to Dr Shivani’s detailed observation and two 1:1 sessions, you will get a detailed list of what exactly you need to do for your healing, added a video library on cooking essentials of Ayurveda and a personalised meditation/self-empowerment guide



“I hope that after level 2, there will be a level 3 and level 4 and level 5 and I will never stop learning from Dr. Shivani”.

~ Student of ACOC-1

“Studying ACOC-1 has been the best decision in 2019 so far”.

~ Student of ACOC-1

“The course helped me to dive deep into my mind and body and Dr. Shivani helped me find myself”.

~ Student of ACOC-1

“Through this course, I discovered the roots of my own problems not just in a health perspective but also in everyday decisions”.

~ Student of ACOC-1

The way this course is presented connects all aspects of Ayurveda to deepen your understanding of yourself and this 5000 years old science“.

~ Student of ACOC-1

Your health challenges with your mind and emotions. The nutritional challenges with psychology. Your relationship and health are all interconnected. 

A healthy body and mind is a state which can propel all your dreams and desires forward, if only you take the first step and join Ayurveda Consultant Course. 

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