My Ayurveda

A complete guide / holistic approach to take care of your body and mind.


6 Weeks Comprehensive Ayurvedic program to learn how to take care of your health, nutrition, and mind with Ayurveda. An intensive Ayurvedic beginner guide on managing health and happiness.

This course will help you to learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda translated to the contemporary lifestyle so that you can take care of your health and mind in the modern environment and teach you easily and simply how to implement Ayurveda in your everyday life, listen to your body and connect all at once.

Ayurveda can be challenging to learn because it’s vast and extensive. Learning how to take care of your overall health is confusing. Welcome to my signature course of 6 weeks which will help you to understand its principles easily to take care of your health and be supported gently by my guidance.

Who is this course for?

For everyone who wants to learn how to manage own health and happiness

For everyone who is looking for working and life-checked ayurvedic tools used by professional Ayurveda practitioners

For everyone who wants to dive deeper into Ayurveda to transform their own health and wellbeing

Ayurveda holds all the secrets
we require to take care of our health

Ayurveda is a timeless system of healing that can be perfectly applicable in current times. The course emphasizes how to communicate Ayurveda to modern society – especially those living in the busy modern world, so they can understand it and implement it in their day-to-day life.

Ayurveda connects all the aspects of physical and emotional well-being that are especially needed in this busy modern world. With my help and proper guidance, you will learn how it can be done.

What you will learn after the course?

How to implement Ayurvedic principles in their life

How to listen to their body read its symptoms and take necessary action

About Ayurvedic body diagnosis of tongue.

Manage their health by understanding the concept of Ayurvedic Prakriti, Vikriti and mind

About Ayurvedic nutrition, incompatible food, the Ayurvedic concept of Agni, and eating principles

About the principles of detoxification and how to use it to detoxify the body

And understand the basic principles of Ayurvedic psychology and how to use it in everyday life

Learn from the source – Indian Ayurvedic Doctor with 24+ years of international experience.

Become more confident and clear about yourself and your purpose in life.

modules and lessons


6 Weeks comprehensive Ayurvedic program to learn how to take care of your health, nutrition, and mind with Ayurveda. An intensive Ayurvedic beginner guide on managing health and happiness.

As an extra bonus for you, since my intention is that you finish this course with a working understanding of Ayurveda – I shall be happy to answer all your questions and concerns regarding the materials provided in My Ayurveda by Dr Shivani Sood course and ayurveda related.

The questions might be submitted by you any time during the course and 12 months after purchasing the course. I shall be answering them on my dedicated podcasts published once a month.

Ayurveda redefined

Module 1 | Week 1

1.1 – What is Ayurveda all about and which elements of this do you need to make your health better and boost your immunity and well being.

Science of the Doshas

Module 2 | Week 1

This module teaches you how the three Doshas influence our health physically and emotionally, its crucial needs and limitations.
Each disease is deeply connected with your Doshas and lifestyle. By knowing the Doshas you will be able not only to plan your diet according to your body type, but also to deal with psychological triggers you have.
Example: Do you suffer from constipation or irritable bowel syndrome?
You’ve heard it is related to the wrong food habits or stress. But have you thought of your sleep pattern? Have you analyzed what you do upon waking up, how it could be linked with your emotions and your Vikriti (your actual state) ?

There is a unique connection between the body and the mind. All our problems start from the latter. Many of these connections you will learn in this module. You will receive clear information on how to treat Doshas imbalances so that you can enjoy your health and well-being.

You will find out that from the Ayurvedic perspective there is no universal treatment for different diseases. Bringing a patient back to balance depends on his or her Dosha. You will be offered easy and affordable solutions.

So dive deep into it and be surprised by how distinct it is from what you might have read or heard. You will also learn how to identify the Ayurvedic psychological and physical trigger which causes the diseases .

2.1 Introduction to the Doshas
2.1.1 Vata – Force of movement: air and ether. Get to know how Vata influences your imbalances in particular organs and how it controls your nervous system.
2.1.2 Pitta – The dynamic force: fire. Everyone likes fire and loves watching it. But no one wants to come close to it because there is a fear of getting burnt. This is how Pitta is. People are fascinated about it, but often are kept at bay by the Pitta type.
2.1.3 Kapha – Force of harmony: earth and water. A support for Vata and Kapha. Find out whether you have people like that around you and value them for their presence.

Understanding Prakriti, Vikriti and the mind

Module 3 | Week 2

Prakriti is a solid foundation for your body and mind. It makes you recognise who you are and what your life’s purpose (Dharma) is. Knowing your Prakriti along with Vikriti (your current state) you will be able to diagnose your health problem. The Internet offers many online tests that help you determine your Dosha. But my experience and my students say these tests bring doubts rather than solve problems. I have developed my own method of testing people which has been effective with my patients for years. Let me share this unique approach with you.

Understanding of Prakriti, Vikriti and mind (continued)

Module 4 | Week 2

4.1 – How to determine your Vikriti and your current imbalances

4.2 – How to know your basic mind type

This module teaches us how to determine our current state and the influence it makes on us. This module also teaches us the basics of how to determine our minds. Having all these elements we will be able to connect all the dots to get a clear picture of our health.

With this knowledge at hand we will move to learning practical tools for healing ourselves and others

Ayurvedic Rules used by practitioners for Analysis

Module 5 | Week 2

This module teaches how to determine our current state and the influence it makes on us. It will help you learn the basics of how to determine our minds and a conclusion from the diagnosis based on Prakriti, Vikriti and the mind. You will learn which kind of nutrition and mental balancing is required to balance one Dosha in the right way without imbalancing another Dosha (which is common when you do not receive a proper explanation).
Knowing all these elements you will be able to connect all the dots to get a clear picture of our health. With this knowledge at hand we will move on to learn practical tools for healing ourselves and others.
Many consultants have told me that without the structure they felt completely lost. It is very important to know what rules of analysis you must follow, while treating yourself and giving advice to others.

The art of eating right and sample menu plans

Module 6 | Week 3

This is a very practical module that teaches us how to determine the right kind of nutrition according to the person’s Doshas. We will also learn the key components of Dosha balancing diets. My students love it as they learn new food combinations and recipes.

6.1 Basic nutritional guidelines
6.2 Why is it important to alkalize?
6.3 Vata balancing diet
6.4 Pitta balancing diet
6.5 Kapha balancing diet
6.6 Incompatible food
6.7 Additional sample menu for western and Indian style of eating as per dosha

Personal live consultation

 Week 4

40 minutes 1:1 personal live consultation with Dr Shivani

Detoxification the right way

Module 7 | Week 4

I am sure you have heard about many detoxification methods. One often excludes another. Many aspects need to be taken into consideration in order to perform an effective and safe home detoxification. We need to know how the toxins come in the body and what they do to it. This module explains how and when we can detoxify as per our Doshas in any season.

It will also teach you how to do seasonal detox as per Ayurveda and also involve the mental aspects of detoxification

7.1 Concept of Agni
7.2 Type of toxins (Ama)
7.3 Reasons for toxin production
7.4 Sign of toxins in the body
7.5 Aim of detoxification
7.6 How to do home detox
7.7 Side effects of detoxification and how to handle

Art of tongue diagnostic

Module 8 | Week 5

Ayurveda teaches us that tongue diagnosis .It is important to check your tongue on a daily basis in order to have your imbalances under control. You will learn how to do a tongue reading, from a physical and emotional perspective. You will also learn where particular organs are “located” in the tongue. It is very precise and helps recognise the problem at its roots, before it starts manifesting in the body. It might seem funny, but that is how Ayurveda treats a human body – as a whole and reads the body’s warning symptoms to take care of your health.

Ayurvedic psychology

Module 9 | Week 6

This module explains the importance of Ayurvedic psychology and how it can help us to heal the various emotional imbalances. This is a very important part of the course because, as I have mentioned before, all our problems start in the mind. You will learn about your mindset and how it influences you. This is another crucial tool for diagnosing and establishing a treatment plan.

9.1 Using psychology to cure and heal.
9.2 Gunas – the basic functions of the mind and how it influences our everyday life
9.3 Vata with Sattva/Rajas/ Tamas
9.4 Pitta with Sattva/Rajas/Tamas
9,5 Kapha with Sattva/Rajas/Tamas
9.6 Cycle of Sattva, Rajas, Tamas
9.7 How to keep the mind calm and balance these three stages
9.8 Solutions for Dosha imbalance in mind practical approach to it

Personal live consultation

Week 6

40 minutes 1:1 personal live consultation with Dr Shivani

What you will get when you sign up?

Online weekly video lessons
for 6 weeks with pdf

2 personal live consultations of 40 minutes with me at the stage to clarify solutions for your health with the course

Q & A classes videos
on submitted questions monthly

Health is the biggest gift we have
and the core required to be successful and satisfied

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