Is stress only mental

If you have been trying to just meditate 🧘‍♀ relax and others but it seems you are still feeling stressed. Maybe the stress is in your body. Wondering how it works ?

What if I tell you that stress doesn’t only come from your brain? Your body communicates stress too 🤔

Ayurveda spoke about it for centuries, and now recent scientific studies speak more and more about gut health and its role in improving mental health. The Agni (our digestive fire) to be balanced, was the basis of mental and physical health.

The bi-directional communication between the brain and the GI is also called the brain-gut relationship.

You will be surprised to see who is passing to message to who in this relationship.

In today’s Mental Health Booster, I will be telling you:

✅ How does your body communicate with you?
✅ The importance of keeping your organs healthy to decrease the stress in your life

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