Recently I had a lot of hair loss in Autumn. The quality of my hair was also thinning. So it was time to use the power of Ayurveda to help my hair. So I started working on my hair with these three easy steps, and definitely, the hair fall has reduced significantly.

This booster is for educational purposes only.

Autumn hair loss is normal, and one should not worry if a person is losing 50 hair per day, but when in the range of 50-100 he should start taking measures for hair regeneration action. I lost around 30 – 40 hair per day, specifically during shampooing and drying the hair when I started the following steps. I should also share my opinion as An Ayurvedic Doctor that the Ayurvedic measures are always better than just the superficial treatment. The following advice is not for people suffering from baldness and Alopecia but for people who are experiencing temporary hair loss.

1. Let’s try to understand first the hair according to Ayurveda. Ayurveda speaks about the 7 bodily tissues which make up us physiologically. The plasma, blood, muscles, fat, bone, bone marrow and sperm. These tissues have sub tissues that are made from the primary tissue. For example, hair is a Sub tissue of bone. Have you ever noticed despite eating calcium, people have problems with osteoporosis. Why? Because absorbing the minerals and nourishing the deep tissue is not easy.

That’s why enhancing the absorption of food is very important for hair health – easy remedies include:

Drinking buttermilk before or with food.
The herbs cumin, ginger, pepper, rock salt and coriander all enhance the absorption of food.

Hot water with cumin or hot water with dry ginger powder is also helpful for the same.

2. Now, I will share my childhood lifesaver herb which, is very good for hair loss

– 1/2 Moringa Oliferia teaspoon. It is magical for the hair when you mix moringa with amla juice and beetroot juice and consume it every day.

3. Blend a mixture of Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, dates, add a spoon of fenugreek powder and consume this one spoon two times a day.

Around a month after doing this, seasonal hair loss reduces and your nourishment level increases. But what is essential to know is that hair loss indicated other imbalanced health conditions like hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues or even stress-related challenges. For which you might need more Ayurvedic herbal combinations to balance the underlying condition.


The hair tissue, scalp and skin are really receptive, and Ayurvedic external application is one of the best ways to take care of your hair as oils have medicinal properties.

So here are my 3 tips for you this week to enhance to the health of your hair by application:

– Massage your hair with beneficial hair oil like Neel Bhringadi oil. Mixed with herbs, this oil becomes an elixir for your hair. Massage your scalp (not your hair length) once a week, apply the oil with cotton on the scalp and keep it for one hour under a warm towel before washing your hair.

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– Massage your hair with Castor oil (hair growth properties): studies showed that with the use of this oil, you could grow your hair by 2 or 3 cm per month instead of 1 cm only without it. Mix one spoon of castor oil and mix coconut oil inside to make it thin and massage it to your hair. It will help if your hair a tining out along with hair fall.

– Using hair mask. Take two egg white (keep one yellow if your hair are really dry + one teaspoon of olive oil), add a teaspoon of amla juice, a teaspoon of moringa powder and a half teaspoon of fenugreek. Blend it nicely, put this mask on your hair, leave it for 1 hour, and wash it off with soft natural shampoo.

Internally and externally, hair care is part of Indian rituals. That’s why Indian women have this gorgeous hair. Everybody can achieve this by following those simple steps of taking care of their hair with Ayurveda.

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